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Martin Lesperance

Martin Lesperance, founder of Safety Health Publishing Inc. and producer of Safety Moments safety videos, has over 25 years of experience as a firefighter and paramedic. Over the past 11 years, Martin has designed and delivered hundreds of safety programs for a broad range of industries. He has spoken across North America at numerous safety conferences and banquets, and has delivered many in-house talks for various companies including Exxon, Imperial Oil, Weyerhaeuser, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Budweiser to name a few.

Martin has been featured in over 20 safety videos and has authored several books including:

  • Preventing Motor Vehicle Collisions – It All Rides On You
  • Safety Tips That Will Save Your Butt – Real Life Examples From A Fire fighter/Paramedic
  • I Won’t be into Work Today – Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play
  • What Do You Mean I’m Stressed? – Recognizing and Managing Your Stress